November 30, 2022

What kind of doctor should man see for fertility?

Fertility can be an issue related to both men and women nowadays as men are also exposed to many risks of becoming infertile. It is a good practice for both of you to get checked to get a complete evaluation for the right treatment of fertility. There are many reasons why a man can be infertile, namely idiopathic infertility, retrograde ejacualtion, having an obstruction, unhealthy life practice like smoking and other medical comorbidities.

For infertility problems you should consult urologists with an appointment at clinic. Urologists are doctors who specialize in the urogenital systems and will help you find out the reason for your infertility and plan a treatment for it. Andrologists are sub specialists of urologists who studied further on the male urogenital system and the fertility concept among men. Do not be shy to tell your problems to these trusted doctors as your history and details will always be kept confidential and private.

Continue reading the article to know more about what are the common evaluations done on a man to diagnose men infertility.

What are the evaluations done commonly?


Before any investigations are taken from you, the urologists will usually take a detailed history about your medical history, surgical history, and a detailed sexual history. Try to be open with your doctor as they are trying their best to help you in any ways possible. After a detailed and thorough history, your doctor would most probably conduct some simple physical examination on you including looking at your genitals for any gross abnormalities. These tests are usually fast and painless, do not be shy to expose yourself to the doctor as everything will be kept private and only with your full consent.


  1. Semen analysis – There are several tests that are commonly done under the semen analysis to look out for the sperm count, size, morphology and motility. Normal results do not guarantee you are completely fertile. Usually a second test will be needed to rule out any problems. About 15 percent of men with normal count and morphology of semen are infertile while some men with high sperm quantity and quality are infertile. Thus, other tests will be required to complete the examination.
  2. Hormone evaluation – The major hormone in a male that controls the primary and secondary sexual characteristics are the testosterones. Hormonal imbalance can be the cause of infertility however most experts say this is only true in minority cases.
  3. Genetic testing – Genetic testing is only done after advice from specialists as the cost can burn a hole in your pocket. It is crucial especially when your other siblings also have similar problems.
  4. Anti sperm antibodies – Some men will develop antibodies that attack and fight against their own sperm and prevent it from reaching the egg for the fertilization process.

There are some preparations that you might have to take before meeting your urologists for a semen analysis and other tests which includes;

  • Do not masturbate for at least two or five days before the visit in case your doctor would like to check your sperm count and quality on the same day of visit.
  • Bring all your previous medical records and history. This will help the doctor to narrow down the diagnosis and reach the correct working diagnosis and get yourself treated accordingly.
  • Bring your wife/partner together for the consultation as the doctor will also ask some questions and history from the partner to support your diagnosis and find out other possible causes.

Nevertheless, do not worry much as these are the common things for your urologists and is it always best for you to keep yourself open for suggestions and treatment plans for the benefit of yours.