June 24, 2024

What Are Stepover Apple Trees?

When it comes to fruit trees, there are so many different varieties that you are spoiled for choice. Even when you only have a very small garden, or small space to dedicate to growing fruit, there is no reason why you should not consider growing some kind of fruit. 

Stepover apple trees only grow to about 17 – 25″ in height. That means you can literally stepover them. Growing and planting them is not such a challenge. I thought that it would be next to impossible to grow them, but they are easier to grow than you may think. 

Can I Grow a Stepover Apple Trees on A Balcony? 

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t grow a stepover apple tree on your terrace or balcony. You can let the tree weave itself in between the balcony bannisters or grow it against a sunny wall. They flower just like regular trees and will help to attract pollinators to your balcony garden. 

As it is a specialist tree, it is easy to presume they are expensive to buy. Although a stepover apple tree will cost more than the begonias in your hanging basket, it will not cost that much more. 

You can also grow them along borders or paths in your garden. It is a great way of adding something a little bit different to any size garden. 

Can I Eat the Apples? 

That is the other question I asked myself before I bought my first one. Yes, you can eat the apples that your stepover trees produces. 

How long has this kind of fruit gardening been around? Growing fruit trees in different kinds of ornamental shapes has always been popular. It is not clear where the tradition first got started, but it is thought it may have started in kitchen gardens during the Victorian era. 

Where Can I Buy Fruit Trees? 

Not all garden centres sell this kind of fruit trees. The assistant at my local garden centre looked at me a little bit funny when I asked for a stepover tree. 

But I soon managed to find a grower that sold specialist. I think that when you want to buy fruit trees, it is always best to contact a specialist grower such as CRJ Fruit Trees.

If nothing else, a specialist grower will be able to point you in the direction and help you find something different. I like the fact that my garden stands out and I love telling my friends about my stepover garden.