June 24, 2024

Wedding on a Boat in Tenerife – Popular Catamarans for Celebrations

Wedding on a Boat

Newlyweds often choose such a celebration variant as a catamaran for their wedding. It’s not just a boat ride, but a grand wedding adventure filled with joy and happiness. Navigation in Tenerife lasts all year round, but the warmest time is the most in-demand for celebrating onboard. The shores are filled with greenery and the weather becomes comfortable for walks.

Advantages of an On-Board Wedding

A journey over the waves has a host of undeniable advantages:

  • No traffic jams;
  • Beautiful nature and fresh air;
  • Excellent backgrounds for shooting;
  • A special, secluded atmosphere;
  • Simplicity of organization, provision of all necessary services;
  • A wide selection of celebration formats.

How to Choose a Catamaran for a Celebration?

The charter company is ready to provide all necessary services. You can book catamarans in Tenerife for any type of celebration. You simply go to the companies’ websites and fill out a special form. The following recommendations will help in choosing a boat:

  • Consideration of the ship’s dimensions. The size of the ship is chosen based on the number of invited guests;
  • Banquet or buffet. A banquet requires more space. With a buffet, you can invite more guests onboard.
  • Open and closed decks. It’s better to choose a ship that has indoor rooms. This will help to eliminate negative weather factors.
  • Speed. Each catamaran differs in its performance characteristics.
  • Design. This can be a contemporary or retro-style ship. More detailed information is provided on the Rent Boat Tenerife company website.
  • Service. Clarify what staff is provided.

To get a complete picture of the ship, ask the company to conduct a small test. After all, a wedding is a serious event, and it needs to be approached thoroughly.

This can be a full event organized onboard, or a mobile registration on the ship. Chartering a catamaran for a wedding in Tenerife is possible for any period and budget. The capacity of the ship is up to 150 people. Modern boats have excellent seafaring qualities and are well technically equipped.

The cost of a celebration onboard is quite comparable to an event in a restaurant. Additionally, you get many advantages that you can’t take advantage of on land. Besides a European-level banquet, you can count on pleasant weather, an ocean breeze, sun, picturesque views, and fresh air. Your wedding will truly be unlike any other.