June 24, 2024

Types and Causes Of Tooth Discoloration and How To Remove Them

Tooth discoloration is incredibly common, but it can still be a cause of embarrassment making people self-conscious while smiling. It is important to understand that nobody has perfectly natural white teeth and it is normal for our teeth to become dull as we grow old. Many reasons can make your teeth lose their luminosity

Many reasons result in tooth staining and there are ways to whiten your teeth. However, visiting a dentist is important to discuss any plans you have for whitening your teeth. Your dentist will be able to tell you if the tooth discoloration is normal staining due to lifestyle reasons like drinking too much coffee or due to some dental problem.

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Types of Tooth discoloration

Teeth whitening is usually done for cosmetic reasons but your dentist Poway will guide you on the options for treating the type of staining you have. Dental professionals have categorized tooth discoloration in three categories:

1)Extrinsic Teeth Stain: this is staining on the tooth surface.

  • It is caused by tobacco or by drinking regular coffee and tea, wine, or cola drinks
  • Stain particles like the pigmented residue from such food and drinks are built up as a film of protein covering the tooth enamel
  • This kind of tooth stain can be removed by regular dental cleaning and brushing with teeth whitening toothpaste.

2) Intrinsic Teeth Stain: This is staining below the tooth surface.

  • It occurs when the stain-causing particles penetrate through the tooth exterior and accumulate within the tooth enamel
  • Caused due to using of too much fluoride, mainly in children or chipped teeth causing discoloration due to enamel or nerve damage
  • May require bleaching at a dental clinic or by using recommended at-home teeth whitening products.

3) Teeth stains due to age: This is due to the combination of both extrinsic and intrinsic tooth staining.

  • Due to aging, dentin which is the core tissue of the teeth gets yellow with time.
  • The enamel covering the tooth gets thinner and the dentin gets exposed
  • The most common causes of this kind of teeth stain are certain foods, tobacco, and beverages.

Common causes of tooth discoloration

  • Poor dental hygiene by failing to brush and floss your teeth regularly
  • Using of tobacco as both cigarettes and chewing tobacco leads to tooth discoloration
  • Drinking tea, coffee, dark sodas, red wine, and even a few fruits or vegetables
  • Certain medical conditions like calcium deficiency, metabolic diseases, liver problems, rickets, celiac disease, and eating disorders impact the tooth enamel
  • Medications include high blood pressure medicines, chemotherapy, antipsychotic medications, antihistamines
  • Falling or chipping and damaging a tooth can harm the enamel and nerves leading to tooth discoloration.

Treating tooth discoloration

The market has many teeth whitening products, but it is essential to discuss with your dentist Rancho Bernardo before using any of them. It is only the natural enamel teeth that can be whitened. Dental restorations like bonding, crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures, and implants cannot be whitened as they are artificial and made of porcelain.

Depending on the type of teeth discoloration, your dentist may suggest the options.

At-home whitening:

  • Avoiding foods and beverages causing stains
  • Applying teeth whitener available over-the-counter as tooth-shaped or thick-on strip trays
  • Cleaning your teeth and use proper flossing techniques every day.

Professional teeth whitening: This is performed by a dentist who normally uses specialized whitening products and techniques for quick teeth whitening.

  • Some products may need heat with a special light for accelerating the bleaching process.
  • Dental bonding: white resin is applied to the tooth which is hardened with a special light
  • Dental crowns: these are placed to protect, cover and restore damaged teeth to whiten your smile
  • Dental veneers: these are customized porcelain shells for covering the front of the tooth improving color and shape of your smile.

Avoid using over-the-counter dental whiteners or home kits without consulting your dentist. Knowing the correct way to whiten your teeth will keep your smile bright for a longer time.