November 30, 2022

Things to Know about Different Types of Web Hosting Services

When you start searching for the best web hosting provider, it can be easily found out that there are more than thousands of companies offering almost more than five hundred different plans. Apart from that, one can easily get confused by hearing ‘technical jargons’ like bandwidth, GB etc. while discussing with different web hosting companies. It is necessary to learn about different types of hosting services before hiring a provider like

·       Shared Web Hosting –

From the term ‘shared’ it clearly hints at a type of web hosting which works on shared model i.e. the server where your company’s website will be hosted is also used by other websites as well. It suits best for experimental companies who does not wishes to spend more in web hosting.

·       Reseller Web Hosting –

It is basically suitable for them who are thinking to open hosting service because this type of web hosting helps them to resale the space to some other website.

·       Cloud Based Web Hosting –

Websites with huge traffics are the maximum user of such hosting because it provides the benefits of allocating huge traffic which internet never allows.

·       VPS Web Hosting –

It is a type of hosting which is completely dedicated at your service and it does not work upon shared server.

This acts like a missing link which has both the feature of shared hosting and personal web hosting. Although it may act like personal host, it works on shared server.

  • Dedicated Web Server –
  • Colocation Web Hosting –

It is a type of hosting which does not provide additional facility. That provider is not responsible if any problem arises during the usage.

Choosing the right provider will help you get the best services at the best prices. So, hire the right provider and enjoy all the benefits of these hosting services.