June 24, 2024

Ten Common FAQs About Dermal Fillers -Answered!

Clinique Anti Aging dermal fillers are used for combating the effects of aging and giving a youthful radiance to the skin. However, people have several doubts and misconceptions regarding the process. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about fillers. 

  • What must be avoided before going for dermal fillers?

People are discouraged from consuming alcohol or blood-thinning medicines before going for dermal fillers. Along with that, it is also suggested to avoid consuming any herbal supplements or painkillers. People should rest well before the procedure and avoid physical exertion or heavy exercise. 

  • Is the process of getting dermal filler painful?

The process is uncomfortable. However, the injectors apply numbing creams to eliminate extreme pain during the process. The filler also contains numbing agents, so people feel the least discomfort during the treatments. It is common to experience swelling and mild pain after the process. They can be cured by placing ice on the affected area after treatment. 

  • Do fillers make you look bad?

No. The basic aim of dermal fillers is to improve the appearance of your face by contours and replacement of the volume lost due to aging or other factors. However, the doctor should research well about your injector and assess his past patient to be aware of his work and expertise. Make sure to consult them to get a thorough analysis of your fees and a suitable plan. 

  • What is the role of water after getting fillers?

Water is essential for hydration as well as the improvement of health. Besides, it also helps to improve the results of hyaluronic fillers. 

  • What is the time taken for settlement of fillers?

For proper settling, fillers require around two weeks. This is an estimated record and can vary depending on the person and the treated area.

  • Can you sleep by facing the side of the fillers?

It is suggested to avoid sleeping on your face after getting fillers for a few days. Try sleeping on your back to ensure no pressure is put on the area treated, as it can worsen the swelling. 

  • What must be avoided after getting fillers?

Make sure to rest well and avoid physical exercise for 3 to 4 days. Eliminate the consumption of alcohol and usage of make-up for the time being. Do not take blood-thinning medicines and follow the plan suggested by your injector. 

  • Can you massage your dermal fillers?

Do not massage the affected area for 6 to 7 days after the procedure. And after that period, gently massaging the site is suggested for molding the product. Make sure to talk to your injector before proceeding. 

  • Is it possible to wash your face after getting dermal fillers?

It is suggested to use gentle face cleansers with non-active ingredients for washing your face. Do not rub or harshly massage the affected area while washing. 

  • Do fillers give an aged look?

Fillers do not result in an aged appearance. On the contrary, they help it look younger and fresher.