February 21, 2024

Building owners want different types of concrete flooring to make the building feel warmer and cleaner. In industrial facilities, they use tiles, rolled linoleum, floor paint, or epoxy to give the building the desired look and make it easier to clean than concrete. It works for a while, but all products eventually wear out and need to be replaced. That brings us to this day.

The restriction is a lengthy and time-consuming process, but it must be done before you begin the process of restoring the concrete flooring beneath it. You can’t do it alone! The asbestos restriction requires countless hours of training, certification, annual recertification, specialized equipment, and crazy people who want to do it. Fortunately, there are people who enjoy this job and are proud to deliver a very well-finished product.

I’d rather go for cleaning. Concrete grinding equipment has been in development for more than 70 years. The changes in some companies, especially in the last 5-10 years, have been remarkable. Why? Because the government has determined that there are enough floors that are damaged or damaged, they must come up with some removal requirements because most of these floors are in public buildings.

So what are my options as a building or building manager? First you need to go online, find a highly regarded asbestos removal company and get an estimate. Second, you need to find a reputable concrete restoration company that will provide you with options that they can use. In addition, you need to set a budget to complete the work so that you, your board of trustees, or your school board are not overwhelmed by the cost of the completed project.

Given the cost of the reduction and the fact that they will have to relocate as the reduction continues, there is some need for logistical planning. What you don’t want to do is stop, hope the problem heals itself or disappears. It will not happen. This is not always the case, but I have seen specimens where inspectors came and asked to solve the problem before reusing the building.

Do you know the meaning of the word “problem”? It’s a situation you can’t take care of. There are currently thousands of floors of public and private schools, colleges, universities, courthouses, and other public buildings that have been warned in advance that they will have to remove asbestos floors.

In the last five to ten years, they have also received an extension or “pass” due to the fact that “they have no money in the BUDGET”. In fact, I first heard about it in 1981, and the budget is getting worse every year. This brings with it the advent of tools and grinding wheels for the “The Do It Yourself” types. Ambot and what? They have no job.