Pivot & Pause Anthology, forthcoming in 2020: Sorrow

The Mindful Word, July, 2020: 3 Poems

Rue Scribe, June, 2020: Tiller’s Grace

Rue Scribe, June, 2020: Ordinary

Braided Way Magazine, June, 2020: Paradoxical Thinking

Braided Way Magazine, July, 2019: Dervish

Braided Way Magazine, May, 2019: Rose Worthy

On Homeschooling/Unschooling/ Children/Family:

Life Learning Magazine, February, 2019: “Healing Forward: On Becoming A Peaceful Parent”

Braided Way Magazine, March, 2018: “Unschooling My Spirituality”

Exploring Unschooling Podcast #94 with Pam Laricchia, October 19, 2017 “A Muddy Life”

Tipping Points Magazine, November, 2017: “Living with an Explorer”

The Homeschooler Post, December, 2015: “5 Reasons NOT to Ask a Child: “What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?”

Life Learning Magazine, November, 2015:  “Staying Afloat: Creating Unschooling Support in an Isolated Situation”

Otherways Magazine, May-July, 2015: Give them a Voice

The Washington Post, Lunch Links, March 19, 2015: Link to “Thoughts on the Criminalization of Childhood”

Otherways Magazine, March/April 2015: “Weeds and the Myth of the ‘Real World’

Holistic Parenting Magazine, February 2015: “A Muddy Life”, February 2015: “Unschooling is a Learning Buffet”

Natural Child Magazine, October 2014: “Children and Meditation: The Benefits of Real Time Out”

Life Learning Magazine, April 2014: “The Detective and the Navigator: How They Learned to Read and Write”

Life Learning Magazine, August 2013: “Working on the Omelet: Thoughts on Cooking and Unschooling”

Life Learning Magazine, July 2012: “Reflections on a Daydreamer”

On Building our Earth House/Senegal/Sustainability

 Living Off The Grid, September 2015: “Off the Grid and Bill Free: When it All Starts to Make Sense”

Natural Life Magazine, March 2013: “Beyond Aromatherapy: Revisiting Essential Oils”

Natural Life Magazine, February 2013: “Anatomy of a Composting Toilet”, pg.14

Natural Life Magazine, December 2011: “A Turning of the Soil: Building an Earth House by Hand”

Natural Life Magazine, August 2012: “Building a Natural Swimming Pool”

More Magazine online, “Our Adventure in Sustainable Living”

More Magazine online, “A Life Changing Year In Senegal”

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