October 2, 2022

Main reasons for pre-purchase inspection of buildings

Are you someone looking to buy a house or an office space? Is your dream building not very new but was constructed some years ago? Then make sure to get your house/office inspected before making a purchase. If you are looking to buy a house but do not know where to start, then this article is for you.

There are many ways to understand the present condition of a house. Getting a full-scale inspection done by a certified and experienced building inspector is the best way. Fortunately, reputed inspection firms like Inspection batiment et thermographe certifié MCM have the best inspectors to get your dream house inspected.

Some of the main reasons to get your house inspected before purchasing it are as follows:

  • Leaks in insulation
  • Pest attack
  • Structural strength
  • Material analysis
  • Foundation strength
  • Accurate age
  • Plumbing and electrical wiring issues
  • Estimating the actual cost
  • Consolidated inspection report
  • Avoid renegotiation
  • Preventive maintenance

All the above factors can not be analyzed just by doing a visual inspection. Even though visual inspection is an important step in the building inspection procedure, sometimes it might not be sufficient. That is when testing techniques like sampling and inspection criteria like infrared thermal inspection are all employed.

In the infrared thermal inspection or thermography, a beam of infrared light is passed through the building part to be inspected and a thermal map is generated. This will enable the inspector to visually analyze the walls and ceiling in a better way. If there are any cracks or crevices in the walls, then they will be reflected as irregularities in the continuous spectrum of thermal waves.

Thermography is an important tool in the analysis of the insulation effectiveness of a building. If there are any leaks in the thermal insulation of a building, they should be corrected by the seller before the transaction. Therefore, only after the results of the infrared thermal test are declared by the inspector go forward with your financial transactions.

Another advantage of using thermography is that any defects in plumbing can be easily identified. This is because the overall blueprint from the infrared emission test will give out any issues related to plumbing. Also, the resulting moisture from bad plumbing can be detected and eliminated.

In short, carrying out a pre-purchase inspection by experienced building inspectors can only make the whole real estate transaction easier and more transparent. So be pragmatic and get your house pre-inspected before buying it.