June 24, 2024

Learn how interactive kiosks are changing the marketing campaigns 

It was a frequent scene where a marketing agent would approach you to get a form filled or to explain about a product while you are strolling through the mall or streets. Most of the time one doesn’t even care to read through the leaflet or brochure before throwing it away. 

But today the situation is not the same anymore. With the advent of digital LED kiosks, form filling and advertising strategies have taken a paradigm shift. The most attractive feature of the kiosk is the quality of being super interactive with the user. 

There are many types of interactive kiosks available in the market today. The kiosks like Nummax touch screen kiosk are compatible with Android and iOS operating systems alike. These interactive kiosks are useful in collecting customer data as well as for promoting your brand image. The kiosks are compatible with multiple types of media files like audio, video, pictures(both HD and 4K resolution) etc, thus leveraging its interactiveness to the next level.

Interactive kiosks are useful in both indoor and outdoor marketing campaigns. The sturdiness of its build quality enables the kiosk to be both indoor and outdoor-friendly. Outdoor kiosks products start from much larger screen sizes. The indoor kiosks are available in any size from 22 inches to 70 inches.

Digital kiosks are also available in a two-side design as well. Being two sides has its advantages. The two side kiosk can attract more eyes to it and increase the efficiency of the campaign. Also, a two-side kiosk is a vanity affair when it comes to the goodwill of the brand. The outlook of the brand is automatically perceived as modern when interactive kiosks are used for marketing. 

Another impressive feature of the interactive kiosk is the multiple touch feature. The multiple touch feature enables families to interact with the kiosk easily without any glitches. Another major functionality of the kiosk is the ability to display time and crowd sensitive information. All the inputs when given appropriately, the kiosk can function almost in accordance with the smartest person in your sales team. In today’s scenario, it is necessary to identify the target market and design the sales campaign accordingly. 

Interactive kiosks are changing the way business owners are marketing their products/brands. With the various top-end features an interactive kiosk can deliver, these kiosks are becoming very popular day by day. Spend no more on traditional marketing campaigns, instead, get digital signage and catapult the brand to a whole new level.