July 16, 2024

Importing A Car To Canada- Process Simplified!

A lot of us are petrified when it comes to the customs process for importing or exporting our products internationally. This is because the rules and policies differ with each country, not to mention the ever-changing nature of these policies. Therefore, Importing things which you hold dear, like a dream car, can be difficult in countries such as Canada. But once you happen to know the ins and outs of the process, we realize that it’s rather a logical process. 

We shall see why knowing the process of customs in Canada is important before importing your dream car.

  • Foremost things to know

When you’ve finally decided to import your vehicle into Canada, you need to make sure whether the vehicle is admissible in Canada. For this, check with the registrar of import vehicles. Another thing to note is that the vehicle documentation needs to be submitted to the customs 72-hour before the vehicle arrives at the customs. 

  • Admissibility of the vehicle

Like mentioned before, the admissibility of the vehicle is the most important thing you need to know before even getting involved in the process. Ask your dealer if there are any modifications required to bring the vehicle to full compliance. Hiring a customs broker can be of great help here, as he can guide you throughout the process. If not, you may also contact a local Canadian dealer to verify the validity of your car. 

  • Canadian Customs clearance

Documentation is the key when it comes to the customs clearance process as even one misplaced document may cost you heavily. Documents such as a copy of the passport, copy of the driver’s license, title document, and sales receipt are important. Apart from that, a copy of the sales receipt must be presented to the CBSA for customs clearance. The CBSA also allows brokers to present personal vehicle declarations on the owner’s behalf. Which is why hiring a customs broker can work in your favor. Within 15 days of the customs release of the vehicle, form 2 shall be sent to the owner and the vehicle may be sent for inspection. After the inspection, the vehicle is sent to the provincial license bureau and is registered. 

Thus, in this way, importing a car to Canada from the USA is an intricate process and one must know its ins and outs to save time and money.