June 23, 2024

Huntington car accident: Top suggestions to choose an attorney

You know that you deserve compensation for injuries endured in a car accident in Huntington that wasn’t your fault. Filing an injury claim may sound like an easy task, but in the real world, recovering a settlement can be extremely hard, primarily because the burden of proof is you. To add to the woes, insurance companies are not in the business of paying fair settlements, and the claims adjuster will want you to accept the first offer, which is likely to be less than what you deserve. Your immediate step should be to contact a Huntington car accident lawyer who can help you get the proper compensation you deserve. In this post, we are sharing top suggestions to find the right attorney.

  1. Look for a local lawyer. You need an attorney who practices in your state and is based in Huntington. Check local listings available online, especially if you don’t have references from others. Your attorney should be accessible and personally involved, and a local lawyer is always a reliable option.
  2. Check the lawyer’s area of practice. Someone who deals with all kinds of lawsuits but doesn’t have expertise in one field is probably not the best option to deal with your accident claim. Look for lawyers who specialize in personal injury law.
  3. Ask about the lawyer’s experience. Does the lawyer deal with car accident claims and lawsuits in Huntington on a regular basis? This is one of the most critical questions you can ask, mainly because the strategy for such cases requires a different approach.
  4. Meet the lawyer. Whether you feel comfortable talking to an accident lawyer is also a pertinent factor. Most law firms won’t ask for a fee to review your case, and you can use the meeting to decide whether an attorney is right for your needs.
  5. Discuss the lawyer’s fee. An accident lawyer is expected to take a contingency fee, which is based on whether you recover a settlement. Usually, law firms charge 33% for accident cases, but you may have to pay more if the matter is likely to go to trial. Get a fair idea in advance and insist on an engagement letter.
  6. Consider the lawyer’s schedule. Does a lawyer have the time to devote to your accident claim? You need someone ready to take the plunge and fight for your rights.

Ask the accident lawyer how you can communicate with them.