June 23, 2024

How Would You Choose the Right Surface Protection Film?

The surface protection films are extensively designed to protect the car’s critical surfaces from scratching, marring, abrasions, UV exposures, dirt or even contamination. These films have gained popularity majorly due to the strength and durability they exhibit. This film is an adhesive tape that is produced from thin layers of films bonded together that forms a strong barrier. But before choosing the right film material, there are few questions that you must be asking.

  • On which surface will the film be applied? These can be applied to both smooth as well as rough surfaces. But rougher surfaces have larger surface area for application and they require thicker adhesives.
  • Is the application surface dry and clean? The dirty surfaces must be avoided for film application as the results will be unacceptable. The unnecessary debris and embedded materials are going to adversely impact the performance of the film.
  • Will the surface be coated or painted? The adhesives and coatings might have chemical reactions between them. The longer they stay, the higher will they react and hence you must understand the implications.
  • What is the surface that needs protection? The various surfaces of your car, metal, glass or others will require various materials of film.
  • Will the temperature levels increase around the films? The areas of the film application must be assessed as the rise of temperature is going to impact the film’s performance. Most of the rubber-based adhesives cannot handle the temperature elevation above 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Acrylic adhesives can handle temperature that might rise above 350 degrees. Silicon adhesives, on the other hand, can endure above 500 degrees’ temperature.
  • What films can bear the outdoor adversities? The films, if not durable, can be grossly affected by the scorching heat over time, and the constant UV rays. The adhesive gets affected mostly. The films will turn yellow, stiff and brittle, hence forming ineffective. It is hence, best to buy the UV protected films.
  • What film is going to provide maximum safety and security? Safety is the first thing that must be kept on your mind. There are different films meant to protect the paint or from stone chips.
  • How long will the film stick on the surface? Good installers would be required to ensure the film sticks for long on the car’s surface.

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