June 24, 2024

How to Maximize Your Trade Show Displays

As you stare at the calendar and wonder about next year’s marketing strategy, consider how trade show displays could impact your results. With an exceptional exhibition booth design, you can maximize the effect your marketing has on your audience. Increase conversions and sales. Once you make the decision to attend, here are some ways to increase your ROI. 

Oversized Props Make a Big Statement in Exhibition Booth Design

To grab more visitor attention, trade show displays need to be a bit over-the-top. Everything on the venue floor is grander than it would be in-store or online. The competition for visitor attention is extreme – as every booth vies for the eye of everyone walking by. Walk down the aisles between the trade show displays in your imagination (or real life if you are at a show right now!) Standard, life-sized props and products barely draw attention on the venue floor. With oversized props used the same ways, there is automatically a uniqueness that draws the eye (and the buyer.)

Larger-than-life props draw every visitor’s eye to your booth, which enhances your chances of getting more quality leads during the show. More attention equals more sales. Also, with well-designed props, your brand message is communicated quickly and easily at just a glance. 

Visitors Seek New Experiences with Trade Show Displays

Chances are every one of the visitors at the venue has been to numerous shows before. They have already seen hundreds of trade show displays today and thousands over their multiple visits. Each visitor seeks specific information. So, they continue to trudge through many similar-looking booths. They come to expect certain specific experiences but would really prefer something new. If you can develop a fresh, exciting experience in your exhibition booth design, you’ll be the talk of the event. 

Lately, a reality warp has become a fun, exciting, and reasonably inexpensive way to give visitors the new experience they seek. Instead of a simple “real world” display, visitors wear a Virtual Reality (VR) headset for a tour of your facility, warehouse or to see a product demo. Or Augmented Reality (AR) games can send visitors on a virtual treasure hunt that might take them on an adventure that becomes the talk of the show.

Indulge the Senses

Don’t just focus on the visual elements in your exhibition booth design. Consider how to incorporate the other senses. Use materials like wood or textured fabrics in your trade show displays. Scented candles or themed essential oils can make attendees feel calmer and create a sense of peace in your booth.

Check with the organizer. If you have enough space, see if you can serve some refreshing cold drinks or favorite hot beverages or try some delicious snacks. Feeding them ensures visitors linger so they can focus on your brand.

In Conclusion

So, literally, jump out of the box to expand your results with exceptional exhibition booth design. Then add oversized elements, new experiences, and indulge the senses. Trade show displays have lots of room for creativity and adventure. Treat your audience to a delightful change with these tips.