December 6, 2022

How To Choose Designer Tiles For The Bathroom?

Tiles have always been the first choice for bathroom flooring given their low maintenance and high durability. If you plan on renovating your bathroom and are looking for affordable options to do the same then definitely look into Club Ceramic Tiles and find the right match for your bathroom flooring. While you are shopping for designer tiles for your bathroom, you need to keep certain things in mind. Here is a quick checklist for your reference.

Tips to choose designer tiles for your bathroom:

  • Check the material first: Ceramic tiles are preferable when it comes to bathroom flooring as they stain less frequently and are quite durable too. But they might get a bit pricey and the next best alternatives are porcelain and sandstone tiles. They add a colorful and attractive look to your personal space.
  • Explore designs and patterns: You can either opt for evergreen floral options that will provide you with tiles in multiple designs and patterns or you can also try some creativity. You can do a mosaic setting for the floor or use multiple types of tiles and get a creative mismatch done. The options are endless.
  • Tile size: Select the tile size depending on the bathroom space. You need to maintain a fine balance between the aesthetics as well as the functionality when it comes to bathroom flooring. Select the tiles keeping that in mind.
  • Go for stainless tiles: Removing water marks and patches can be quite troublesome, and glazed tiles are your ticket to freedom when it comes to detailing with recurring bathroom stains.
  • Cover the grout lines: While getting your tiles done, make sure that the grout lines are evenly covered so that there’s structural sturdiness and also the tiles don’t fade along the grout lines.
  • Avoid slippery tiles: There’s a common misconception that tiles make you slip, especially when they get wet. Not all tiles do that. Especially the tiles designed for bathroom flooring are the ones that don’t get slippery when they are wet. Ask about glazed tiles and find the perfect fit for your bathroom.

Looks like you are all set to buy designer tiles for your bathroom renovation. Keep in mind the functionality and practicality of having tiles on your bathroom floor and make the right choice. It takes effort to get the right match indeed.