July 16, 2024

Food Truck Weddings – New Approaches to Make an Event Unique

Nowadays, wedding plans focus more on drinks, foods and guest experience. These are best methods to ensure an unforgettable event. There are several food and drink serving methods. Coupon.ae brings some modern wedding planning ideas especially for foods and drinks. Redeem Deliveroo coupon and learn about the “Food Truck Catering” at your wedding. This is a smart technique to give a new experience to everyone. Unlike the traditional serving, this resembles self-serving approach. The food truck wedding is an increasingly popular choice in 2021.

While this serving method can be fun and exciting, it also comes with some limitations and considerations. For example, it may cost higher. Couples can adjust to these things with proper planning and management. Here are some interesting ways to deal with it.

Cost of Food Truck:

In the first step, food truck wedding seems cost effective and budget-friendly. In contrast to traditional serving and catering, this new method costs around AED 50 per head. The former may cost around AED 380. This is huge difference. However, it is necessary to take all important features and factors in notice. Compare Apple to Apple. Don’t compare Apple to Orange. The traditional wedding catering includes all facilities such as staffs, rentals, dessert and drink service. Redeem deliveroo coupon and get affordable quotes on foods and drinks for a wedding or any event. The food trucks will bring only foods and there be no other service for guests.

Benefit of Food Truck Wedding:

 The first benefit is a unique experience. Introducing your guests to a new catering method would be a smart initiative. The food truck team will serve special foods to guests. Secondly, food truck is a culture in several countries. For example, people in Los Angeles like hiring food trucks on wedding and other occasions. This method represents local culture especially when it is about the foods.

Cons – In contrast to traditional catering, food trucks require more time to serve foods to everyone. The guests will need to wait for longer in a queue before being served. However, there are plenty of techniques to mitigate this. For example, couples can ask the food truck management to bring more people for serving. On the other hand, wedding planners should stay in touch with Deliveroo in UAE and other countries to order some ready to eat foods for guests.

Is There A Permit Necessary For Food Truck?

There is no need to take special or legal permits for setting food truck at your wedding. However, you must make sure that if big trucks are allowed to enter in your municipality.

Is Decorating A Truck Necessary?

In most cases, the service providers usually decorate the truck according to event. You don’t need to take additional steps. However, contact the service providers to discuss the wedding venue and special arrangements. Order the ready to eat foods and drinks for wedding planners and others with deliveroo coupon. These people reach the wedding venue hours before the event’s schedule so they deserve special treatment.