October 2, 2022

Do verticle blinds last longer?

The vertical blinds have existed for a long time, and so have many individual sets of them; If you have seen a quite outdated and look tired in an office (which could have completely discouraged), there is a good possibility that the blinds have been in situ for a couple of decades and cannot be considered personally responsible for the impact of Aging and fashion change!

Today, vertical blinds begin to be more popular in houses and workplaces, since they are relatively economic, come in a wide range of colors and finishes, and are a good choice for very large windows or sliding doors.

This article will tell you the possible life expectancy of vertical blinds based on the usual variables that will need to deal with their lives. Read on for more information.

Quality is important

The quality of the materials and the workforce of its vertical blind is the first and main factor that will dictate how long they will last, and all vertical blinds are not created in the same way!

Vertical blinds made of high-quality will last much more than a cheap mass-produced mass that is half the price. Even the fact that the vertical blind produced in mass made are generally designed to be cut in the home can shorten their definitive useful life. The accessories are not so resistant and do not come with reinforcement.

How long do vertical blinds last?

If you buy good quality made? Anything of 15-20 years, and in many offices where words such as “renewal” and “modernization” are issues that can lead to nothing more tangible than the laughter of the Finance Department, even more!

How long do cheap vertical blinds last? The vertical blinds of cutting to size or made of mass size, on the other hand, could, in a push, last up to five years of daily use, if you handle them carefully.

Comparing these two reference points, then, their vertical blinds made a little more expensive (and definitely better attractive) and are really suitable for long-term resolve.

In fact, when it comes to vertical persecutions made to measure for homes, the desire to redecorate and change the style of a room announces the end of the life of more sets of good quality verticals than real functional or cosmetics problems.

Waterproof PVC vertical glued with gray print in the bathroom

Vertical blinds can be made on different fabrics, PVC, vinyl, and polyester, respectively. The vertical PVC and vinyl blinds are waterproof, and this tends to mean that they last more than vertical polyester blinds, for some reason.

The main one is that waterproof vertical blinds do not absorb spots and marks, and are also easier to clean without risking water spots or destroying the starch solution that helps the vertical polyester blinds to hang properly.

Moisture exposure can also cause mold or mold growth in a polyester blind, which will weaken the fibers and also make the blind look (and possibly smell) quite unpleasant.