December 6, 2022

Decoding electric standing desks: Should you get one?

Sitting for long hours at a stretch can impact your health adversely. Besides the obvious stress on your back, hips, and spine, manning the desk for hours also increases the risk of heart disease and obesity. Just by standing for more time, you can burn more calories. If you are looking for an optimal solution for the concern, a standing desk – also called sit-stand or standup desk – can be a wise investment. Besides the standard choices, you can also consider an electric standing desk, which has many advantages. In this post, we are sharing more on electric variants and if you should consider getting one. 

The advantages

  • First and foremost, electric standing desks are easier to use when compared to the manually-adjustable ones. The ease also reduces the time needed to switch between sitting and standing positions. Most electric standing desks come with push buttons or can have a touch panel. 
  • Compared to manual desks, electric standing desks offer more space. While there will be a weight capacity for sure, but the best electric variants are flexible in that aspect. Also, note that some desks may not come with the tabletop, so you may have to spend more on one. 
  • You can expect better features and more adjustability with electric standing desks. Electric desks usually come with push buttons for easy shifting, and some even have advanced options, where you will get alerts when you are sitting or standing for long. 
  • With electric variants, you can expect to remain productive at work, especially because you wouldn’t be spending a lot of time in adjusting positions. 

On the flip side

Note that for using an electric standing desk, you need access to a plug point, but for most professionals who work on a PC, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. Also, expect to pay a tad more for electric variants. The eventual price depends on the features. 

Buying the first electric standing desk

Clearly the advantages of an electric standing desk outweigh the cons and price paid, and it makes sense to buy one for personal home offices and workspaces. If you want to get the best models at the right price, check online stores. The first standing desk should be easy to use, because you are likely to experience initial issues when you start using one. 

Check for top-rated electric standing desks now and don’t forget to check the specifications in depth.