June 24, 2024

Causes of Breakdown of the Power Steering Pump

Generally, the pump requires repair for the following reasons:

  • Bearings and gears of the pump shaft, drive pulleys, pressure reducing valves are worn out;
  • The system incorporates an insufficient or excessive volume of hydraulic fluid.
  • Because of the worn-out O-rings, because of which there are fluid leaks.
  • Because the air has entered the system.
  • Repair of the steering rack pump is required because of the use of low-quality or unsuitable hydraulic oil.

Consequences of driving with a malfunction

The car may be running with a faulty power steering pump and making turns. In such cases, it must be borne in mind that an ignored or protracted repair of power steering bypass pumps will lead to more severe issues. Specifically, damage to the steering rack can occur without pumping oil into the system. Other adverse outcomes will affect the car owner himself, who, while driving, will easily get tired, especially at the time of parking.

Types of malfunctions and their symptoms

The pump breakdown manifestation described above, in reality, may not be related to the pump itself. Therefore, firstly, you carefully need to examine the complete power steering system. And only if you are not able to find the problem, start working with the pump itself. Otherwise, contact the nearest car repair in Mumbai.

Faults are divided into two types:

  • Mechanical damage and wear. Such things include burrs, bearing malfunctions, bumps in the interior, gasket wear, etc.
  • Hydraulic problems. Most often, these are associated with insufficient fluid levels, improper fluid selection and aging. The accumulation of debris into the system can also lead to the appearance of “symptoms”, and, in the future, to breakdown. Banal airing represents the same type of malfunction.

The latter can only be determined by disassembling the power steering pump and inspecting each of its parts. As for the second type of malfunctions, firstly, you need to answer the following question? How much time has passed since the fluid in the system was changed? Was the fluid selected according to the instructions? Is it up to the required level? Also, it is usually enough to pump the hydraulics to restore the power steering in the airing case.

In any case, manufacturers recommend commencing a full bulkhead and cleaning if any issues arise with the pump. This will help to reduce the likelihood of wear and therefore increase the life of the entire system.

You can also replace this unit with your own hands. It is even possible to replace a failed bearing. In such a case, a power steering pump repair kit will come in handy, which can be easily bought at any online car service in Mumbai.

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