June 23, 2024

Can Chocolate Heal a Friend with Anxiety?

Chocolate is one of the special foods that all people love. Not only does it taste delicious and sweet, but chocolate is also considered to be able to overcome excessive anxiety. It is because chocolate contains various compounds that can produce more endorphins in the human body.

The chocolate itself has various types, where each type has a different taste, content, and benefits.

First, Milk Chocolate. Milk chocolate is a classic type of chocolate that has been known for a long time. As the name implies, this type of chocolate contains additional milk. With the added sugar, vegetable oil, and vanilla, this type of chocolate has a sweet and soft taste.

Second, Dark chocolate. One type of chocolate that is currently in great demand is dark chocolate. This type of chocolate has the highest paste content, which is around 90 percent. Usually, dark chocolate is widely used as a base for cake makers. Dark chocolate is also very suitable for those of you who are running a diet program. It is because chocolate does not contain sweeteners, so it is safe to eat during the diet.

Chocolate as a gift

Often we need gifts for visiting the sick, birthday gifts, weddings, graduation ceremonies, moving houses, and so on. Although often what we think of is fruit, we can give gifts in the form of chocolates.

Fruit is usually chosen because it is easier to get it. Besides that, the benefits of consuming fruit are indeed good. The fruit contains a lot of vitamins and can increase the body’s immunity. We just need to prepare fruit+basket.

But have you ever imagined that arranging chocolate in a basket is also a good idea? We just need to put a few decorations on the basket. Or, we need to buy colored baskets or baskets with motifs. Then put and arrange the chocolates in the basket, and it will become a chocolate basket.

Besides putting them in the basket, we can also choose chocolate creations in the form of a chocolate bouquet. As with flowers, chocolate can also be created into a bouquet.

Why chocolate?

Various types of chocolate, such as bittersweet chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate, contains theobromine and phenylethylamine. Theobromine and phenylethylamine have an important role in regulating feelings of pleasure in someone. The increased serotonin causes the feeling of being happy in our brains, usually referred to as the happiness hormone.

The happiness hormone is also influenced by dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins. These hormones will regulate the process of being happy or feeling sad. When you eat chocolate, the happiness hormone is triggered by chocolate to be released in your body.

Endorphins have the function of making us comfortable and relieving stress. The hormone dopamine produces feelings of pleasure in response to consuming chocolate. Oxytocin works to generate trust and build healthy relationships.

Chocolate as an anxiety reliever

Some types of chocolate (dark chocolate and milk chocolate) contain caffeine while white chocolate does not contain caffeine. The caffeine in chocolate functions to increase enthusiasm and increase the ability to work and maintain concentration.

Caffeine has the same role as theobromine in improving mood. The difference is, theobromine does not produce increased alertness to keep us awake.

Reduces Stress

If we are stressed, the part of the body that responds to stress is cortisol. Cortisol is also called the stress hormone. Cortisol levels rise when we experience stress and stress that we can’t handle.

If we don’t feel strong enough to deal with stress or feel sad, cortisol will last longer in the body. As a result, the levels of endorphins as the happiness hormone will decrease because the hormone cortisol increases defeats them.

This can be dangerous for the body if we cannot control cortisol levels properly. Chocolate is a food that can reduce levels of the hormone cortisol. Besides being able to improve mood, chocolate can also reduce stress.

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