June 24, 2024

All You Should Know About Cowhide Rugs & Their Types

A cowhide rugs is a classic piece of art that’s been trending for decades. The way these rugs add beauty to your space is inimitable. Totally unique and durable, a cowhide rug not only enhances your home’s interior but is a great investment as well. Interested in knowing more about these beautiful pieces of décor? Let’s continue reading the guide.

A Little Introduction To Cowhide Rugs

All it starts with cows! Cowhide rugs are made from cow’s hide using either a chrome tanning method or a vegetable tanning process. Every cow is born with a unique patterns and colorful hide. And this is the reason for the versatility of cowhide rugs.

Many people assume cowhide rugs with plain white and black spots but they are available in a variety of patterns and colors. You’ll find these rugs in brindle, white, speckled, tricolor, and even in Brahman gray. As the hide of every cow is different, it means no one else in your friends and neighbors will have the same rug as yours. So, if you want to bring natural elements to your home, consider installing cowhide rugs in your home.

Real Cowhide Rug Vs. Faux Cowhide Rug: Which One Is Better?

Cowhide rugs are basically categorized into two types: real cowhide and faux cowhide. Now the question is which one is much better? Well, many homeowners prefer real cowhide rugs over faux, and for so many good reasons.  The durability, uniqueness, feel, and appearance of real cowhide is superior. Faux cowhide rugs, on the other hand, come cheaper but they are not durable and long-lasting as real ones.

Cowhide Rug Sizes Explained

It can be too difficult to measure the accurate size of a cowhide rug because of its irregular shape. Its size depends upon the cow it is made from. Typically a larger cowhide rug can reach up to 4.5 square meters while a small cowhide rug will be about 1-2 square meters. You may find some rugs even larger if created from two or more cowhides.

Can A Cowhide Rug Be Laid Over The Carpet?

Of course, yes! When placed over carpets, these rugs can look aesthetically pleasing. For example, a neutral-colored cowhide rug underneath your coffee table can create a neat focal point. You can also place these rugs in bedrooms to create a cozy, sumptuous vibe.

Is Placing Something Underneath Your Cowhide Rug Important?

If your cowhide rug is exposed to little foot traffic, it won’t need any kind of rug pad or carpet underlay as it would remain in the same position. On the contrary, if you placed a cowhide rug in a room that experiences a lot of foot traffic every day, a simple carpet underlay is very important. So, it all depends on where these rugs are placed.

So, this is not all, but something very important about cowhide rugs. These decorative pieces can spruce up your entire space with their charming patterns and intriguing designs. So, if you haven’t considered these rugs before, get them installed today!