July 16, 2024

8 Recommendations Activities You Must Do In Wakatobi Islands

Source: https://www.indonesia.travel/

Wakatobi is among those tourist destinations in Indonesia, that its popularity hasn’t faded. Despite the fact that this place isn’t only famous by domestic tourists, it is very well known among foreign tourists. But there are still many questions that arise. One of these is”what can you do while at Wakatobi?” But to answer that question, we have outlined everything in this article. There are many things that you could do if you’re having a holiday in Wakatobi. Below are just eight of the most amazing things you can find just in Wakatobi. Let’s check out this!

  • Meet the Bajo People

If you’re a friendly person and on the lookout for interesting items in Wakatobi aside from diving, it’s possible to meet the Bajo individuals who live here. By meeting them, you can experience living in the sea. The Bajo are also called “ocean nomads,” in which they’ve lived on the sea for decades according to history. This tribe lives by utilizing wealthy marine resources for food and shelter.

  • Dive in One of the World’s Best Diving Spots

Wakatobi is one of the best places for diving from Sulawesi and even on earth. Thus you should not overlook this opportunity. Particularly if you’re someone who likes to dive. This place has to be included on your bucket list. The underwater scenery in Wakatobi will undoubtedly make you amazed. If you can, do not forget to bring an underwater camera and capture the moment when you are diving there.

  • Swim at Cemara Beach

Cemara Beach is categorized as among modern shores in Wakatobi. The place is not far from downtown Wangi-Wangi Island. Public facilities for tourists are also quite complete. Here, it is possible to find food stalls readily. For all those who wish to learn diving, you will find diving courses out there. Another action you can do here is playing watersport like the Banana Boat.

  • Seeing the Spectacular Sunset at the Wakatobi

After being fulfilled to enjoy all the exciting things in Wakatobi throughout the afternoon, whether on land or sea, you can then bid farewell to the sun and see it set in the west. The sunset view in Wakatobi is a more stunning view that you can enjoy while sitting back and relaxed. During the day, you are able to do some activities with friends while creating a campfire.

  • Visit the Thousand Turtles Island, Anano Island Beach

Anano, which has the nickname of the Thousand Turtles Island, is a tiny uninhabited island in Wakatobi. Called a thousand turtles island as this is where green turtle and hawksbill turtles colonies to put eggs. The shore view is also fantastic with nice white sand and very clear water. Do not miss the sunset perspective of Anano Beach that will amaze you even more.

  • Taste Unique Food in Wakatobi

In Wakatobi you will find some culinary delights that are ready to welcome you. The typical Wakatobi foods you will see here have unique looks and some also have strange appearances. Some of the dishes you can try here include Kasuami, Luluta, Parende Fish, and many more. Try a number of these.

  • See Dolphins in their Original Habitat

Not so into diving? Take it easy; there are still lots of exciting items in Wakatobi.  Another exciting activity which you could do is to find dolphins swimming in their natural habitat. You might have seen dolphins in different areas before. But you’ll experience the perspective of these swimming mammals, which is more remarkable in Wakatobi since the amount of dolphins is quite large.

  • Exploring All Islands in Wakatobi

Wakatobi is composed of many islands. Every one of the islands provides the same excitement. Some of the islands in Wakatobi comprise Wangi Wangi Island, Kaledupa Island Hoga Island, Binongko Island, and Tomia Island. It is your loss if you only like the beach sand and the ocean waves when getting vacation on Wakatobi since there are still many fascinating places that it is possible to find on a few of those islands.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Wakatobi by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.