June 24, 2024

3 Smile Makeover Dentistry Options to Straighten Your Teeth 

A smile makeover comprises dental treatment options to fix cosmetic issues that degrade your overall looks. The best dentist in Brooklyn, New York, can fix issues such as broken, decayed, chipped, discolored, and uneven teeth. They customize the dental treatment suited to your specific requirements. Want to know the best smile makeover dentistry options to straighten your teeth? Find them below: 

  • Clear Aligners 

Clear aligners can significantly improve your teeth’ alignment. Such transparent plastic trays are virtually impossible to see when worn. You can straighten your teeth without compromising the look of your smile. As clear aligners are removable, they make the treatment convenient for patients. They don’t adversely affect your dental hygiene and meals because of being removable. You should wear them for at least 22 hours every day to experience their effectiveness. Clear aligners fix various teeth alignment disorders. However, they can’t enhance uneven teeth caused due to abnormal positioning of the jaw. Metal braces and other dental appliances can fix such oral issues. 

  • Braces

Braces are one of the best teeth straightening solutions. They are made of two key elements – wires (which connect the brackets of every dental arch) and metal brackets (which are cemented to all the teeth of patients). Braces work with the application of a consistent force on your teeth that gradually moves them to a better position over time. As the wires of your braces get tighter, a higher amount of force is applied to your teeth. Braces are an all-inclusive teeth straightening option, and their treatment duration ranges from 1 to 3 years. 

  • Ceramic Braces

Traditional braces are effective but noticeable on the wearer’s teeth. Metal braces can affect the looks of your smile, and people tend to avoid teeth straightening treatments. They don’t want to handle all the metal inside their mouth. Ceramic braces are a lighter version of metal braces, which aren’t much visible on your teeth. The dentist uses transparent wires and tooth-colored brackets rather than brackets and metal wires. Ceramic braces can fix several issues, which metal braces can cure; however, they aren’t durable. 

The Bottomline

Want to straighten your teeth and look better than before? Try these smile makeover dentistry options in Brooklyn to straighten your teeth. With the right treatment, you can get a new look that may turn around heads.