Two Foodie Poems

For me, going into a really good patisserie is more exciting than going into a jewelry store . . . and less expensive. These delicacies remind me of little jewels.  Feeling down? There’s nothing a pastry can’t fix. The drawback here, is that, unlike jewelry, you can’t wear them . . . accept on your ass. 

My tribute to French pastries . . .

Baubles behind glass
Kneaded, braided, beaded and glazed
Edible gold leaf flutters and settles
Upon the skin of cooled confections.
A cream puff ring!
Ribbons of marbled marzipan?
Delicately dusted truffles
in ruffled slips await
My choice.
Crumb-dotted doilies, I fear
Reveal remnants of a salted butter crust,
a must.
I am too late.
Single sweet, powdered pearls 
Sit upon the footed Macarons,
Nectarous and toothsome!
Pedestaled and perfect in lavender or coco.
Chanel? no.
Better in fact 
For the palette distracts
all momentary woes.
This poem was inspired by a Martha Stewart-like evening when I decided to tackle a recipe at 5 pm without looking at it beforehand. It looked simple until I got half-way through and didn’t have half the right ingredients.
Out of Thyme
Turn on the oven to 375,
and while it’s preheating
Sharpen your knives.
Cube the lamb
and toss it in flour.
This recipe will have you
in Morocco in an hour.
Now drizzle the olive oil
Over julienned slices
of carrots and onion, 
Then add in your spices
Hand-ground, of course
To release the aromas
Which pair quite well
With a Merlot from Sonoma.
You did buy the wine?
It was mentioned in step six
of the pre-recipe section called
“Timing tips and tricks.”
Next, delicately brown 
the beef on all sides
Until the butter stops frothing
and the sizzle subsides.
This should take no more 
Than six minutes at best,
During which time 
You should remove the zest
From three-quarters of an orange
and half a Meyer lemon
Which you’ll  turn to confit
to serve with flatbread from Yemen*
* A must if your aim 
is to wow your guests.
Make it two days ahead
Then let it rest.
Now add your home-made stock,
Along with the citrus preserves.
And while those flavors are mingling
Make the goat cheese -scented hors d’oeuvres.
While the stew is in the oven
Make sure your linens are fresh
Now set the table with the clay tajines
Imported from Marrakesh.
You should be right on schedule!
Plenty of time to shower and dress
Perhaps do a short meditation
to eliminate any pre-dinner stress.
Now right before your guests arrive
Chop a handful of thyme or two
and gingerly sprinkle it into the pot.
It’s the key to a successful stew.
The odors at this point
Should be simply sublime . . .
Unless, of course,
you’ve run out of thyme.

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